Burak Kapson – Mixologist

Our expert mixologist Burak started his career in the hospitality sector 16 years ago working in various hotels and bars across Europe. His passion for art and theatre combined with a desire to create innovative cocktails above and beyond the mainstream classics, led him to open his own bar, Black & Gold, in 2015.

His objective is for every customer to experience something special. “Anyone can make a cocktail, but not everyone can create a unique and lasting memory which is what we aim to deliver to each person who comes to Black & Gold”

“When we create a new cocktail, we sometimes start from a flavour profile, sometimes from a concept, but always from a story that we have created. There is always a connection between the story and the flavours”.

Burak is a firm believer in the continued pursuit of excellence, brainstorming and testing new ideas every day. He will frequently enlist customers to taste the cocktails, gauge their reaction and take on board their opinion on each drink.

Each season he designs a range of exciting new cocktails using a variety of branded and hand crafted products and ingredients. Each new cocktail is artistically presented with its own individual identity unique to, and inspired by, the story behind the drink. He has recently added to the portfolio of new cocktails by introducing a range of in-house infused spirits with botanical combinations.

Burak attended a Mixology School in Holland and has been keen to share his knowledge and skills since that time. Opening his own bar gave him the perfect location in which to satisfy this enthusiasm and now regularly runs masterclasses for ‘students’ to learn the basics of good cocktail making. These sessions are both informative and fun, allowing individuals to learn in their own way and develop their skills.

He has always been eager to showcase his talents, and learn from other great Mixologists from across the world, so regularly enters the World Class Cocktail Competition, recently reaching the quarter finals. He also reached the semi-finals of the Diageo Barmen Cocktail Competition and the final of the Mediterranean Creative Bartenders Competition. He is a member of the Diageo Barmen Club and World Class Bartending Association.

What is his speciality? Tell him what flavours you like and what mood you are in, and he’ll produce a cocktail to match. This is one of the lost arts of mixology he is devoted to using and preserving.

“We hope you enjoy your experience at Black & Gold and we look forward to creating your unique memory”



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