B&G Success at Monin Cup Competition

What a day Monday 22nd October was for the Black & Gold team. Buse joined us six months ago, having never made a cocktail in her life but with a hard working ethic and an unrivalled enthusiasm to learn. Under the tuition and mentorship of our Mixologist Burak, she has learned so much about blending flavours and creating cocktails that look and taste incredible. So impressive has she been, Burak decided she should be entered into the Monin Cup, a competition run in countries around the world for young bartenders.

Yesterday was the Istanbul final, with young bartenders from across Turkey competing, many of them with far more experience. Buse has worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks to prepare for the final after qualifying and delivered a fantastic ‘Mediterranean Breeze’ in front of judges and an audience. Her performance was a joy to watch, calm, confident and a perfect demonstration of her extraordinary skills.

You can of course imagine our absolute delight when the results were announced. Buse came 2nd, way beyond all expectation for her first competition. With friends and customers across the world watching via Burak’s Facebook live feed, the cheers rang out! What an incredible achievement for this amazing young woman.

We are so proud to have Buse as part of the Black & Gold team and look forward to welcoming her back to Kalkan today. If you want to sample this cocktail made by Buse, please visit us at the bar and ask for a Mediterranean Breeze, it tastes divine!

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